Just Automate

Just Automate Just Automate

Workflow-Automation on your PC without coding.

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Excellent User Interface

Excellent User Interface Excellent User Interface

Intuitive GUI for easy drag-and-drop ActionScript creation.

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Wide Range of Applications

Wide Range of Applications Wide Range of Applications

OpenAI, RPA, FTP, REST, JSON, TCP, HTTP, EMAIL, Keyboard & Mouse Simulation...

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MycroTools News

XenoGuard 4.0 is now available. Download the trial version.

XenoGuard Release

The new release of XenoGuard includes new OpenAI ActionSteps to create own assistants and to convert text to speech.

Version History

New Documentation (01/2024)

New documentation for XenoGuard 4.0 published. Learn how to create your own ActionScripts step by step.

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Add XenoGuard-Extensions with Microsoft Visual Studio

.NET developers can create new Extensions in Microsoft Visual Studio using our custom templates and integrate the results into XenoGuard. This allows you to extend the existing XenoGuard functionality by developing new Actions and adjust it to your needs. Enabled for XenoGuard Plus or XenoGuard Premium subscription plans.

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v4.0 is here. Start your trial today.

We are proud to announce the availability of MycroTools XenoGuard v4.0: the all-in-one test and automation tool for Microsoft Windows. We added new important features to help you in designing, running, and debugging tests and automation faster and more efficiently. We combined the brightest sides of the previous version with enhancements in the graphical interface. Now, you can have a better overview of your scripts, their execution, breakpoints, and errors. That makes workflow and testing automation transparent and easily manageable.

What’s new in v4.0

XenoGuard Application Areas

Universal No-Code Automation Platform

  • Create and automate workflows without writing code
  • Automate OpenAI and use Artificial Intelligence
  • Simulate mouse & keyboard to control applications
  • Control of instruments, interfaces, and other devices
  • Automate file transfer via FTP/SFTP
  • Copy, move, delete files, and synchronize folders
  • Exchange data between clients and a server
  • Start processes and run script commands
  • Make server calls using the REST API and JSON
  • Access Excel spreadsheets and databases
  • Send and receive emails automatically
Features Table
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