Our Services

In addition to marketing our software, we also support our customers with individual XenoGuard extensions – for example, to develop new ActionSteps or integrate devices/instruments into your automation. 

  • We automate desktop programs with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and simulate user input and behavior.
  • We automate tests of devices, interfaces, APIs, and more.
  • We help you automate populating and reading web pages, downloading data, and storing it in Excel files, databases, or the file system.
  • We help you develop new actions to customize XenoGuard to your needs.
  • We relieve your staff by automating monotonous, repetitive tasks.

Please watch our video from Laura on XenoGuard 4.0 and our services:

You’ll benefit from the several advantages:

  • You save time and money because you can automate recurring tasks quickly and reliably.
  • You relieve your team and keep them free for other tasks.
  • You get solutions created by drag-and-drop alone, without coding.
  • You receive the solutions in the form of ActionScripts that you can maintain yourself and run with XenoGuard.
  • You have a short learning curve, because XenoGuard is easy to use.

Examples of some customer solutions implemented with XenoGuard:

  • In the advertising industry, XenoGuard is used to send emails automatically. Based on email lists
    stored in a database, XenoGuard generates customized messages and sends them worldwide.
  • XenoGuard as a license server: Some customers use XenoGuard to generate and send software license files automatically.
    The licensees are all stored in a database.
  • Automated testing of electronic control units (ECUs): In the automotive industry,
    a XenoGuard derivative is used to perform HIL tests of ECUs (hardware in the loop).

Prices and further information are available on request.
Please contact us for this purpose: