Automotive Extensions

With the Automotive Extensions, you expand XenoGuard into a test tool for testing electronic control units (ECU) installed in a modern vehicle, starting with the Head Unit, which is the central to telematics, vehicle navigation, entertainment and information. In addition, depending on the manufacturer, there are other important ECUs that you can test with XenoGuard. Vehicle diagnostics play a central role in this.

The extensions support various vehicle bus systems such as the Controller Area Network (CAN), Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST), Automotive Ethernet and others. With XenoGuard you are able to log the bus data. In addition, you can simulate ECUs via a remaining bus simulation, so that complex tests can be performed in the lab with the help of XenoGuard.

With the Diagnostic Extension, we have integrated an MCD-3D server based on the standard ISO-22900-3. We directly process ODX and PDX files as diagnostic data based on version 2.2. The imported diagnostic services are divided into individual ECU variants and service groups, which can be easily integrated into an ActionScript using drag&drop.

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