Fast Testing
Product Testing is a Breeze with the XenoGuard No-Code Automation Platform

Automate Product Testing
with XenoGuard!

Forget costly product defects and time-consuming, error-prone manual testing. Get more products to market faster,
eliminate costly product flaws, and increase ROI with our XenoGuard no-code product testing automation platform!

Get More Products to Market Faster with the XenoGuard Automation Platform!
Many organizations around the globe already trust XenoGuard

Why XenoGuard?

Lighting fast, reliable, and automated.

Get More Products to Market Faster!

Don’t Let Manual Testing
Slow Your Momentum

Manual testing can take a lot of time, especially if you have many individual features to test. With our automated testing software, you can speed up your testing cycles and get more products to market more quickly! Our solution is simple to use, with no coding required – set up your test steps easily with our drag-and-drop interface and watch them run completely autonomously, without human intervention.

Automate Testing Processes and Save Hours, Even Days,
of Your Product Launch Timelines!

Deliver Error-Free Products Every Time!

Never Lose Your Money
on Flawed Products Again!

Testing products manually is tedious, inaccurate, and prone to human error. Skipping or rushing through the testing process can lead to serious product defects that can cost you time, money, and even legal troubles. Our automated testing software doesn’t skip testing steps or mix up their order due to fatigue. XenoGuard takes the tedium out of product testing, ensuring your product is error-free every time!

Avoid Costly Human Errors and Start XenoGuard For Free Today!

Boost Efficiency & Productivity

Work Smarter, Not Harder,
with XenoGuard!

Free yourself from the time-consuming process of product testing and focus on the important issues. Our software automates your work for faster results and boosts your productivity and performance. Take your business to the next level with XenoGuard!

Focus on High-Impact Work, Start XenoGuard For Free Today!

Improve Customer Retention Rates

Make Your Employees More
Cheerful and Productive

XenoGuard relieves your employees of monotonous product testing, resulting in higher satisfaction. Satisfied employees enjoy their work more. They perceive work positively, which is reflected in their performance. It’s simply good business sense to boost employee contentment.

Boost Employees Satisfaction with XenoGuard For Free Today!

Boost Performance Indicators

Low Costs, High ROI!

Automated product testing take less time and is more cost-effective in the long run. It increases accuracy and reduces the use of personnel, which helps increase ROI because less time and personnel are needed to fix errors and complete mundane manual tasks.

Start XenoGuard For Free Today & Increase Your ROI!

Easy, Intuitive Interface!

Automate Product Testing with a No-Code Solution.

Automation Solution For Everyone

Straight Testing: No Code! Drag, Drop, Done.

XenoGuard is a no-code solution that makes it easy to design and build using a simple drag-and-drop workflow editor. This allows you to launch complex, scalable, and automated product tests limited only by your imagination, without writing a single line of code. With XenoGuard, you can even launch various scripts simultaneously and independently, achieving true parallel execution.

Start XenoGuard For Free Today Without a Steep Learning Curve!

Ready To Use Templates

Launch Complex Tests in Minutes

Use our examples and adopt solutions to automate your testing process. We are constantly expanding our solution templates to help you achieve your goals more quickly.

Start XenoGuard For Free Today & Automate Your Product Testing in Minutes!

Compatible With Any Windows App

Customizable to Your Needs!

You are not limited to our templates. Use them for inspiration, and then, use our easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface to create your own product-testing process. XenoGuard works perfectly with all Windows applications, including custom-programmed ones. There are no limits with our automation software!

Start For Free Today & Automate Your Work with XenoGuard!

Eliminate The Waiting Game

Next Product? Already Testing!

Want to start your next product testing as soon as the current one is finished? XenoGuard runs your tests completely autonomously without your assistance at all!

Start For Free & Run Your Next Product Test with XenoGuard!

Eliminate Weak Points & Maximize Efficiency

Live Action Results

During the execution of your testing processes, you have a live overview of each test result. Thus, you can observe the results during execution, as well as find and eliminate weaknesses to maximize time savings and efficiency!

Start For Free Today & Save More Time with the
XenoGuard Automation Software!

Remote Control

Test Anytime, Anywhere!

Create and schedule product testing on a local or remote machine. With XenoGuard, you can launch and monitor tests distributed across the network. No more expensive remote access toys for controlling your devices or apps. XenoGuard has you covered!

Start XenoGuard For Free Today & Automate Product Testing From Anywhere!

Less work. More tests.

How It Works

Build complex multi-step, multi-app product tests with powerful conditional logic.

1.Create New ActionScript

The basis of any XenoGuard automation is the so-called ActionScript, in which you embed your ActionSteps. An ActionScript can call other scripts. This way, XenoGuard helps you create and orchestrate your workflows with just one tool.

2.Choose Your ActionStep

They glue together to create your unique automation process. We have handpicked more than 250 ActionSteps that are most commonly used and that are ready to save time and scale your business.

3.Set Parameters

XenoGuard probably offers the most effective way to parameterize ActionSteps. Forget about unnecessary dialog boxes that you have to constantly open and close. Enter data directly into the script and simply move them with your mouse so that you can drop them where you need them.

4.Set Conditions

Conditional branches are also created by drag-and-drop. Decide which paths to traverse depending on the condition and extend the complexity of your automation.

5.Run & Watch The Results

Once you have finished creating a workflow, you can start it immediately. However, it is also possible to execute individual ActionSteps during workflow creation. In this way, you can already access and integrate the results during the test phase.

6.Use IntelliRun®

With IntelliRun, you can access all the results of an execution and visualize the data, just like a time machine. Analyze the execution even better and determine any errors. You won't miss this feature once you get to know it!

7.Schedule Workflows

Once you have finished creating a workflow, you can schedule the execution using a scheduler. Various options are available to you.

Get More Products to Market Faster with the XenoGuard Automation Platform!

What You Get

with XenoGuard Test Automation!

Create Test Steps in Minutes

They combine to create your unique automation process. We have handpicked more than 250 ActionSteps that are most commonly used that are ready to save time and scale your business.

Detailed Testing Logs

The logging feature creates a complete test execution history in a database with all test steps, their execution status, and timestamps. With this information, you can better locate errors and eliminate bugs to maximize time savings and efficiency!

Live Status of Testing Process

Know exactly what is happening in your testing process. Each test step has its own status icon. You can always see which steps are running, which are waiting to be executed, and which have been completed successfully.

IntelliRun - Time Slider

Move the slider back and forth. XenoGuard will highlight the test steps and their results. Analyze the execution and locate difficult steps more easily and quickly for further improvements. This is a real-time machine!

Data-Driven Testing

You can use Excel files, CSV files, text files, and databases as the source of your test data, which allows you to vary test parameters and create multiple test cases in just one script.

Automate Any Testing Step

XenoGuard is the most versatile test automation software on the market. We provide out-of-the-box support for many test scenarios, but also give you the flexibility to create your own test steps. This makes XenoGuard the perfect tool for any test environment.

Save More Than 60% of Your Time
on Testing with XenoGuard

> 20hrs

Saved each week


Human error reduction

> 30%

Received a raise or
promotion as a result
Get More Products to Market Faster with the XenoGuard Automation Platform!

Real Customers. Real Results.

See why large companies choose XenoGuard

“Reduced testing time from 14 days to 3 hours!”

"We use MycroTools software to test our ECUs and have reduced the time required for a full test from 14 days to 3 hours. We can test each new device release quickly. The results are available very fast, we assure our quality and at the same time, we have robust and traceable results that are communicated to our suppliers."

Mercedes Benz

“The ROI was quickly reached!”

"We were looking for software that was extremely easy to use, to configure and to learn. We had high expectations and MycroTools has not only fulfilled them, it has exceeded them. The return on investment point was quickly reached."

Mitsubishi Electric

Get More Products to Market Faster with the XenoGuard Automation Platform!

You May Be Wondering

No. You can evaluate the trial version free of charge for 30 days with no additional costs. If you like XenoGuard, you can choose between the Basic, Plus or Premium version. If you are not satisfied, our product can be easily uninstalled.
XenoGuard runs exclusively on the Microsoft Windows operating system (Windows 7 and higher). You need the 64 bit version of Windows and at least 8GB RAM. In addition, the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 and Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2022 Redistributable should be installed. The setup program will inform you which components are missing. You can get the software from our download page.
To install and register XenoGuard, you need a free user account on our website. Via this account you can manage your versions and download invoices after a purchase. As long as you use the trial version, there are no costs to you.
You can download our software manually in your XenoGuard account. Sign in to your customer account on our website and navigate to My Downloads. Now click Download. Please note that you may need to install other components in advance. Please read the instructions that are displayed on our page.
Our products are sold on a subscription basis.

From the date of purchase, you will receive 12 months of free updates for the purchased product(s). At the end of the 12 months, you may, at your discretion, pay approximately 60% of the original price to renew your subscription so that you can receive an additional 12 months of free updates.

If you choose not to renew, you may continue to use the last version you purchased. The 12-month timeframe applies only to receiving new versions and updates of our software and not to general usage rights, provided the EULA has not been violated.

Note that you should renew a subscription before it expires. The cost of renewal will increase again after the expiration date. Please contact our Customer Service if your subscription has expired or if you need more information about the terms of our subscriptions.
You can pay by credit card, via a PayPal account or by bank transfer (only possible within the European Union). You can also choose between paying in US dollars or EUR. Please note that exchange rates are not updated daily and that different fees may apply depending on the country and bank you use when making your payment.
We try to answer all questions within one business day.
Support is only offered to customers who have an active subscription.
We provide our software as it is. There is no actual warranty.

However, if you purchase a license, you will have access to all upgrades, updates and support for one year. An expired subscription can be renewed. If you do not renew your subscription until it expires, renewal fees will increase again. For more information about renewals and their costs after your subscription expires, please contact our customer support.

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