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Nowadays, test automation fulfills an important task and has great significance in the life cycle of a software or technical system. For the simple reason that planning and execution require a high organizational effort, it is vital for the technical part to be done easily. We believe XenoGuard will help you focus on your testing goals and relieve you from troubleshooting technical issues with its automated testing solutions.

Ease of useEase of use

With XenoGuard, you can create test scripts in minutes. You can drag and drop ActionSteps – the individual commands – into the ActionScript editor, where you copy, paste, and move them around. In addition, you can open multiple scripts in the editor and reuse a step in multiple scripts as you wish.


Our ActionSteps have a clear structure and no additional input screens. When you open an ActionScript in the script editor, you have all data in one place–e.g., ActionSteps, parameters, variables, etc. You can expand the script nodes to get a better overview of what is happening in your test case. Each step in the script has its designated status icon. You can always see which steps are running, which are awaiting execution, and which ones are successfully completed.


XenoGuard's unique IntelliRun feature allows you to zoom into your test execution. You can "Play" your tests as they run and "Pause" them when you see an error to go back and find out the cause.

Data-driven testingData-driven testing

XenoGuard lets you use data tables to vary test parameters. It allows you to cover multiple test cases in one script. Data-driven testing saves you a lot of time and effort.


The logging feature creates a complete history of test execution for you in a database with all ActionSteps, their execution status, and timestamps indicating when and how long. With this information, you can better locate errors and explain bugs. You can also define custom channels and generate and log custom content during testing with a timestamp.


Different approaches to test automation will affect your test scenario and, ultimately, your test script. With that in mind, we tried to cover as many scenarios, but we also wanted to keep our tool flexible and useful for any testing environment. So we decided to focus on the essential features, and the ability to create your own ActionSteps materialized: XenoGuard allows you to program your ActionSteps in C# using the .NET Framework and Microsoft Visual Studio.

Consolidated FunctionalitiesConsolidated Functionalities

Ease of use, data-drive testing, transparency, and rapid customizability are essential to test automation features. XenoGuard’s automated testing solution consolidates all these features. We are proud to offer you such a combination of functionalities to increase your productivity and accelerate your company's development cycles.

XenoGuard’s advantages at a glance:

Designs, customizes, and manages tests easilyDesigns, customizes, and manages tests easily

Creates test sequences without programming and codingCreates test sequences without programming and coding

Integrates data-driven testingIntegrates data-driven testing

Displays all results with the Logging featureDisplays all results with the Logging feature

Allows testers to focus on other important and demanding tasksAllows testers to focus on other important and demanding tasks

Reviews test scripts easily by non- programmers and novicesReviews test scripts easily by non- programmers and novices

Requires no extensive training for accessRequires no extensive training for access

Leads to more comprehensive and error-free testsLeads to more comprehensive and error-free tests

Enables easy error analysis with integrated no-code level debuggingEnables easy error analysis with integrated no-code level debugging

Offers extensibility through custom actions in C#Offers extensibility through custom actions in C#

Solution for Different Industries & Individuals

XenoGuard's wider approach assists automotive and automated testing requirements to meet their need for accuracy and excellence through comprehensive testing technology. The updated system architecture and implementations successfully meet the demands of an ever-changing marketplace. Moreover, the powerful aspects of XenoGuard’s test technology have been proven in the industry for years, such as in automated vehicle diagnostic testing.

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Automated Testing Solution

Leverage XenoGuard’s testing solutions to reap top outcomes. This innovative technology is designed to reduce testing efforts and deliver capabilities faster without hands-on testing experience. With XenoGuard, you will get better quality software and more.

Better Test CoverageBetter Test Coverage

Improve Product QualityImprove Product Quality

Reduce CostReduce Cost

Increase ROIIncrease ROI

Shorter Time to MarketShorter Time to Market

Innovative Tactics and High-end ToolsInnovative Tactics and High-end Tools

Fast TestingFast Testing

Accurate ResultsAccurate Results

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