General FAQ

Here we have summarized frequently asked questions on various topics.

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FAQ: Common questions

There are two options for reaching out to our support team:

Unfortunately, we do not offer any phone or online chat support at the time.

We try to answer all questions within one business day.

Support is only offered to customers who have an active subscription. 

We provide our software as-is. There is no actual warranty. 

However, if you purchase a license, you will have access to all upgrades, updates, and support for one year. An expired subscription can be renewed. If you do not renew your subscription by the 13th month after a purchase, the monthly renewal cost will increase. For more information on renewals and their costs after the subscription expiration, please contact our customer support team.

It depends on how serious the problem is. We try to fix critical bugs ASAP.

Besides, we release new versions of our software – that also contain known bug fixes – at least every four weeks. Thus, it is unlikely that you will have to wait too long.

Note, however, that you must have an active subscription for hotfixes and program updates. We do not fix bugs in the older products, and an expired subscription won't allow you to submit a support ticket.

No, we do not offer premium support. We try to fix critical bugs as soon as possible.

If your computer has access to the Internet, XenoGuard automatically checks at its launch whether a new version is available for download. You will need to follow the instructions and install updates manually.

Alternatively, the software can be downloaded from our web page. We offer several updates per year, which are released at irregular intervals. We notify our customers by e-mail as soon as a new version is available for download. 

Note that newer updates cannot be installed once your subscription has expired. You are only allowed to install the latest version that was delivered during your subscription. The licensing server prevents you from registering newer products unless you have purchased another license.

Yes, we do. 

The version numbers used on our website and in our installation guides always contain four numbers: 

  • Major. Minor.Revision.Build

The first two numbers are the major version and the minor version. This is followed by the revision and the build number. The build number is incremented as long as the major version remains identical, for example, followed by The build number is not necessarily consecutive.

A revision follows every time bugs are fixed, or details are changed. We do not follow a fixed rule when the minor version is changed. Sometimes there are several new features that cause us to increase the minor version. As soon as the major or minor version changes, the revision number is reset. It starts at 1.

No. XenoGuard is a standalone product with its own interface, hence we do not offer our customers access to its source code.