XenoGuard® Extensions

XenoGuard was born multifunctional: meet Extensions.

Extension: A Unique Package for Power Users

In XenoGuard, you automate workflows by assembling ActionSteps into ActionScripts. ActionSteps are sorted into groups. Every group is an extension. By default, your XenoGuard has three extensions: Programming, Windows, and Home Automation

For those who need higher flexibility or want to build specialized workflows, we offer additional extensions for:

  • logging
  • browser automation
  • client/server communication

More are to come.

Why Use XenoGuard Extensions?

Extensions mean that you get additional ActionSteps for specific tasks. They are seamlessly embedded into your XenoGuard version. XenoGuard treats extensions equally to the default ActionSteps.

Nothing changes in the GUI or the way you work with ActionScripts.

Wait, one thing will change: you get more power and space for a maneuver. 

Advanced Automation With XenoGuard Extensions

Testers and developers will love our custom extensions.

  • You can automate browser actions to test a new web application.
  • You can parse website content.
  • You can set up resource extensive applications in your company. 
  • You can introduce an efficient tool for collaboration and information exchange between different office locations.
  • You can customize logging to better track the execution of your ActionScripts and troubleshoot them.

Ready to start automating?

Collaboration Between XenoGuard Versions Through Extensions

XenoGuard is a desktop application, but it can do as much as a SaaS platform can.

Simply connect different XenoGuard versions using the client/server extension to create a network with one version playing a server role.

Remote Control

Need to access a remote machine on a regular basis? Combine extensions with default ActionSteps to draft a workflow that does exactly what you need. No cumbersome templates, no incompatibility between ActionSteps: XenoGuard works smoothly whatever you want it to do.

Have a look over the available custom extensions and pick the one you need!