What is an ActionStep ?

At the heart of XenoGuard automation is the concept of an ActionStep.

ActionStep: A Step in Your Workflow

In any task you undertake, it's possible to decompose your workflow into smaller, manageable steps, such as uploading a file, launching an application, or combining elements. At XenoGuard, we've identified the most crucial steps needed by modern engineers, developers, analysts, or office workers for their daily routines. We've distilled these down to approximately 250 essential workflow steps.

Working with XenoGuard transforms you into a craftsman, assembling these small blocks to create your masterpiece: an ActionScript.

Why Working with an ActionStep Is Easy

Wondering if 250 steps sound overwhelming? Think again! We've made navigation a breeze in the XenoGuard GUI, where finding an ActionStep is straightforward.

  • They're organized into categories.
  • They're accessible from a sidebar.
  • They're named intuitively and represented with descriptive icons.

An ActionStep doesn't require coding but offers flexibility:

  • It can be reused.
  • It has reusable parameters.
  • It can be interconnected with others.

What do our customers say about using an ActionStep?

  • You can easily find an ActionStep by typing its name.
  • You can swiftly navigate by expanding or collapsing groups.
  • Every ActionStep comes with a detailed explanation in the ActionStep reference guide.

Get ready for your first XenoGuard experience!

What to Automate

It's up to you! For every user, developer, tester, or engineer, there are definitely enough ActionSteps to cover any workflows. Just a few examples:

  • Windows automation
  • File handling (copy, move, delete, synchronize, backup, FTP)
  • Working with Excel and databases

Glue ActionSteps together by drag-and-dropping them. All ActionSteps have the same simple structure. No steep learning curve: you can start working without any background knowledge.

Testing Automation: A No-Code Tool

XenoGuard has ActionSteps that imitate user interaction with an application or website. With XenoGuard, everyone can become a testing expert. 

  • Find ActionSteps that find and press a button in a GUI
  • Use ActionSteps that can operate a device
  • Test systematically to catch all weak spots

For complete newbies, we prepared an overview of testing automation purposes and frameworks. Read this documentation article to learn more. 

Remote Control

Does it always have to be a complex IoT solution? With XenoGuard, you can access remote machines and start workflows unattended. No need to dive into IoT protocols and standards: you have ActionSteps with self-explanatory names and a user-friendly editor.

Get your things done while you live your life. Focus on what's important for you.

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