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Since its foundation in 2008, the company MycroTools Automotive has specialized in test automation for electronic control units (ECU) in vehicle engineering. MycroTools Automotive's solutions include complex simulations for the CAN and Ethernet bus systems, automated vehicle diagnostics, memory error tests, image analysis, remote control of laboratory devices, and the recording of large amounts of data, especially from the CAN, Ethernet, and MOST (Media Oriented Systems Transport) vehicle bus systems.

The preceding version of XenoGuard has been used successfully for several years at Mercedes Benz and various suppliers. One focus is on vehicle diagnostics. To secure the individual release states of the ECUs, our software is used in the development phase, but also in series production support.

In 2022, the functionality of the older versions will be migrated to XenoGuard, with the aim of offering a uniform platform for automated tests.

Visit our website: automotive.mycrotools.com

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