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XenoGuard 4.0

Welcome aboard!

Thank you for choosing MycroTools XenoGuard as your go-to automation tool. With our no-code platform, you are now one step ahead in quickly achieving your first series of successes in automating your workflows.

Our website has already demonstrated how easy it is to use XenoGuard. Now, you will learn more details and explore the practicality of using the program effectively first-hand. As soon as you start exploring, you will notice that the strengths of XenoGuard lie in its ease of use, rapid script creation, and the possibility to observe the results of your workflow in real time. We refer to this as Live Execution.

Unlike many classic automation technologies, XenoGuard is a no-code automation tool that does not require you to write any program code. We built the visual concept reminiscent of a programming or scripting language, but rest assured that XenoGuard goes one step further: Program sequences are not programmed – coding and syntax errors are a thing of the past. Scripts compilation before execution is also not necessary: You can run them immediately and see the results!

We value simplicity, but also allow complexity. You can treat XenoGuard as a help-yourself construction kit. The processes only require linking together individual actions that provide input to one another with a mouse click. XenoGuard visualizes the output data during execution and allows you to copy and re-use the data per drag-and-drop. You can also execute individual actions separately, if desired, to check preliminary results before starting a complete workflow. XenoGuard eases your time- and resource-consuming workflows efficiently. Another advantage is that we have dropped unnecessary dialog boxes for setting action parameters with the latest update. You can now change them directly in the script or re-use parameters precisely where you need them, moving the output data from A to B. It saves a lot of time without getting used to many different input masks.

Nevertheless, many concepts have been adopted from programming – e.g., variables, parameters, branching, etc. Our goal is to make XenoGuard suitable not only for IT experts but also for engineers in other disciplines and beginners who covet learning and working with automation.

The MycroTools team is constantly improving the functionality of XenoGuard and welcomes constructive criticism and suggestions. If you want to make an inquiry or share your feedback, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support by submitting a ticket. We will be glad to help you customize our product to meet your needs.

Start your experience with XenoGuard now and use these links to jump directly to the main sections of our documentation:

Automation Basics: Learn the basics about workflow automation and test automation
Getting Started: Learn how to install and start working with XenoGuard
Quick Guides: Acquire the work steps to solve specific tasks with XenoGuard explained in bite-size tutorials
Actions: Discover more about the actions to your advantage