XenoGuard 4.0 Documentation

ActionStep Reference

This chapter outlines all the ActionStep functionalities within XenoGuard. Each ActionStep is integral to the Extensions that XenoGuard initializes at program launch, showcasing them in the Workspace Explorer. Every Extension delivers specialized ActionStep collections tailored to specific subjects. Within an Extension, the ActionStep functionalities are methodically categorized into groups and subgroups to enhance clarity. The names of these groups are indicative of their application purposes, aiding users in swiftly grasping their possible uses. For example, the Excel group encompasses all the essential ActionSteps for interacting with Excel spreadsheets.

Please note that this document covers all currently available Extensions. For each ActionStep, there is information about the XenoGuard version required to use it. Additionally, some Extensions are optional and require a separate subscription for their use.

XenoGuard can incorporate the following Extensions:

Extension Description
Access to identifiers, conditions and loops, action scripts, number and string operations, time, file handling, data, list and dictionary, type conversion and more.
Access to directories, paths, clipboard and files; hardware devices (keyboard, mouse, camera); media files (images and audio); cryptographic hash functions; network (ping test, FTP, HTTP, TCP, REST, JSON); and operating systems calls (shell, environment, system) and more.
Expands logging capabilities with additional channels and structured, timestamped entries for comprehensive automation and event tracking.
Offers automated tools for text, data, image, and audio processing powered by OpenAI.
Home Automation
Access to Philips HUE Home Automation (LED bulbs, sensors, bridge).