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Flow Control

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With Flow Control you can control the order of specific actions to be executed in an action script. For example, you can branch depending on a certain condition, execute a group of actions repeatedly in a loop (iteration), continue execution at a different position (jump), or execute sections in parallel, i.e. independently of each other and at the same time.
  • If: Execute one or more statements depending on the evaluation of the conditional expression
  • For Loop: Execute a statement a certain number of times
  • For Each: Iterate through a collection of items
  • While: Execute a statement until it is no longer fulfilled
  • Break: Cancel the current iteration
  • Label: Define an entry point to jump to
  • GoTo: Jump to a named label
  • Parallel: Execute independent branches at the same time
  • On Error Continue: Clear an "On Error Goto" ruleset of a group type
  • On Error GoTo: Jump to a label when action from the selected group causes an error
  • Abort On Error: Abort the current execution on an error
  • Abort: Cancel the current execution abnormally

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