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The On Error GoTo ActionStep activates a rule that causes execution to automatically jump to a specified label when an error occurs within a selected group of ActionSteps. The error can occur at any point within this group. The rule remains active until it is explicitly canceled or overridden by an On Error Continue ActionStep or another error handling directive.

Information The On Error Goto rules apply only within the same ActionScript. 

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  1. Open the Programming node in the Workspace Explorer.
  2. Open the Flow Control node, select the On Error GoTo ActionStep.


The ActionStep has the following input parameters:

name Description

Group Type

Sets the group of ActionSteps to which the rule will apply.

Allowed Context Scope
The name of the label to jump to when an error occurs in the ActionScript.

Allowed Context Scopes

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Here is the list of "Group Type" you can select:

  • Mycrotools.Programming
  • Mycrotools.Windows
  • Mycrotools.HomeAutomation.Philips
  • Mycrotools.UserDefined

Example 1 (Run an ActionStep from a label when an error occurs):

This example encounters an error during the execution of the Add ActionStep and jumps to a given label and the Text is then output via Message Box.

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