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On Error Continue

Actions » Programming » Flow Control » On Error Continue 

The On Error Continue action deactivates a rule that was previously set with On Error GoTo. Once a rule is deactivated, errors no longer cause the sequential processing of actions to be interrupted.

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  1. Open the Programming node in the Workspace Explorer.
  2. Open the Flow Control node, select the On Error Continue action.


The action has the following input parameters:

name Description

Group Type

Sets the group of actions to which the rule will apply

Allowed Context Scope
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Here is the list of "Group Type" you can select:

  • Mycrotools.Programming
  • Mycrotools.Windows
  • Mycrotools.HomeAutomation.Avm
  • Mycrotools.HomeAutomation.Philips
  • Mycrotools.UserDefined

Example 1 (Omit the execution of an error handling):

This example checks the content of the local variable named Skip On Error with Boolean as data type. It skips the execution of an error handler GoTo and the Result is then output via Message Box.

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