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The group List allows you to perform actions to create a collection of text entries that can be accessed by an index value.
  • Create: Create a list in either the local or global context
  • Add: Add a value to a list
  • Set At Index: Set a value at a specified list index
  • Get: Returns the value at the indexed position from the list
  • Contains: Check whether a list entry exists
  • Count: Count the list entries
  • Iterate: Iterate through the list entries
  • Remove: Remove the first matching list entry
  • Remove At: Remove the list entry at the specified position
  • Remove Match: Remove all matching list entries
  • Clear: Remove all values from the list

Use a List to dynamically cache any values. Later, you can access and read specific values.

The List provides great flexibility because its list size can be changed dynamically. Most actions accept null values and allow duplicate entries as part of the list. The values in the list are not sorted by default and access is via a null-based index.

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