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Button Click

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The ActionStep Mouse Button Click simulates the pressing of the mouse button. Buttons can be set as either the "Left", "Right", "Middle", "XButton1", or "XButton2".

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  1. Open the Windows node in the Workspace Explorer.
  2. In the Mouse node, select the Button Click ActionStep.


The ActionStep has the following input parameters:

name Description
The button of a mouse that simulates the "Left", "Right", "Middle", "XButton1", and "XButton2" buttons.
Click Count
The number of mouse clicks to simulate.
Wait Time After Button Press [ms]
The waiting time in milliseconds after pressing the mouse button.
Wait Time After Button Release [ms]
The waiting time in milliseconds after releasing the mouse button.


The Allowed Context Scopes for all parameters of the Button Click ActionStep is Fixed.

Identifiers can be used as values for the input parameters.

Example 1 (Access Windows Task Manager from the taskbar):

This example moves the mouse cursor over the Windows button on the taskbar and right clicks on it. Options are displayed after right-clicking the Windows button. The mouse cursor then selects the Task Manager to open the dialog box.

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