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Show Workspace Information

Actions » Programming » General » Show Workspace Information 

The action Show Workspace Information displays details about the current workspace in the result list. It shows the absolute path of the folder or an action script in the workspace.

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  1. Open the Programming node in the Workspace Explorer.
  2. In the General node, select the Show Workspace Information action.


The action returns the following results:

name Description
Workspace Path Contains the path of the current workspace.
Instruments Path
Contains the path of the Instruments folder.
Protocols Path Contains the path of the Protocols folder.
Files Path Contains the path of the Files folder.
Extensions Path Contains the path of the Extensions folder.
ActionScripts Path  Contains the path of the currently running action script.

Information Allowed Context Scopes [Fixed, Local, Global] 

Example 1 (Show the filename of an action script):

This example displays the name of the action script created in a workspace. The substring of the result in the ActionScripts Path is then output via Write Text.

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