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Key Up

Actions » Windows » Keyboard » Key Up 

The action Key Up detects a simulated keystroke when the key is released.

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  1. Open the Windows node in the Workspace Explorer.
  2. In the Keyboard node, select the Key Up action.


The action has the following input parameters:

name Description
Specifies the key to be released.

Allowed Context Scopes [Fixed, Local, Global]
Allowed Context Types[Variable, Parameter, Enum]
Wait Time [ms]
Specifies the time interval in milliseconds after releasing the key up. 

Allowed Context Scopes [Fixed, Local, Global]
Allowed Context Types [Variable, Parameter, Enum]

Example 1 (Show the Windows screen display using keystrokes):

This example asks the user to confirm an action that shows the options for the Windows Projector Screen display. The action is accomplished by using the "LWin" plus "P" keystrokes. Then, the Extended display is selected by clicking the image on the screen.

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