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Wait Milliseconds

Actions » Programming » Time » Wait Milliseconds The action Wait Milliseconds sets a time interval before executing an action and stores the elapsed time in Waited Time of the result list.  Only Unsigned Number is allowed for this action.

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  1. Open the Programming node in the Workspace Explorer.
  2. In the Time node, select the Wait Milliseconds action.


The action has the following input parameters:

Waiting Time [ms] Specifies the waiting time in milliseconds

Allowed Context Scopes
 [Fixed, Local, Global]
Allowed Value [Unsigned Number]


The action returns the following results:

Waited Time [ms] Contains the time waited in milliseconds

Allowed Context Scopes [Fixed, Local, Global]
Allowed Context Types [Variable, Parameter]

Warning An exception occurs when the Waiting Time has a negative value.
Information A hint text may appear to the right of the action that displays a piece of information that explains what is currently happening.

Example 1 (Runs an action after a specified time interval):

This example displays the value of the local Pop-out Box variable with a Text data type. The action waits for several milliseconds before it is output via the Message Box.

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