XenoGuard Documentation

Using XenoGuard for Test Automation

Industries and Domains


XenoGuard can "talk" to electronic devices installed in a car. It simulates signals that car electronics would send and receive. 

Vehicle Bus Systems

With XenoGuard, you can access and operate the two most established vehicle bus systems:

  • Controller Area Network (CAN), which serves as ISO standard for vehicle bus systems;
  • Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST), which is responsible for transporting media signals within a car electronic system.

XenoGuard can generate CAN nodes and send CAN messages.

Steering Devices

XenoGuard can operate a vehicle's steering devices. It allows to simulate different scenarios with conditions close to reality but without actually driving the car. If some device demonstrate failures, this kind of testing helps to recognize the issue at the early development stage, at the prototype level and prevent car manufacturer from producing defective vehicles.