XenoGuard Documentation

XenoGuard's Main Points of Difference

We believe that XenoGuard is not like any other automation tool. Its uniqueness is achieved through a careful selection of features. XenoGuard can do a lot by using less, which means less effort and more time for others tasks for you.

Drag-and-Drop of Actions and Data

In XenoGuard, workflow and test automation can be created with a few elegant mouse moves. Use the mouse to copy data from one parameter to another and avoid duplicate data entering.


No programming skills are required to start with XenoGuard.  


Every feature has a name that speaks for itself.


A minimalist design of the user interface provides a good overview of your workflow or tests.

Direct Editing of the Parameters

All varying parameters can be added directly in the main window; no additional input masks.


In XenoGuard, you can add inline comments to explain things to your co-workers.

Agile Workflow

With XenoGuard, you can use conditions to direct your workflow into one branch or another.

Parallel Execution

Your automation can have more than one thread: more tasks finished in one leap!

Visualization of Branches and Dependencies

In XenoGuard, you can see which step feeds which and where branches start and end.


You can add your own unique ActionSteps to XenoGuard; you'll need Microsoft Visual Studio for this.

Before we proceed, it is necessary to outline the most important terms and abbreviations that will be used in the present documentation. Those are ActionStep, ActionScript, Task, Process, Workflow, RPA, RaaS, and SaaS. Learn more about them in the Next