XenoGuard Documentation

Why Test With XenoGuard

Test automation is a serious task that involves a lot of organizational effort. Therefore, it is even more important that the technical part is done simply. We believe that XenoGuard helps you to focus on your testing goals and relieves you from fixing technical issues. 

Ease of Use

With XenoGuard, you can create testing scripts within minutes. You can drag-and-drop ActionSteps – single commands – into the script editor, copy and paste them or move them around. You can have a few scripts open in the editor and re-use one Step in multiple scripts. Thus, you can cover various test cases in one leap, without losing an overview of them.


Our ActionSteps have a clear structure and no additional input masks. When you have an ActionScript open in the script editor, you have all your data in one place: ActionSteps, parameters, variables, etc. You can unfold the script nodes to have a better overview of what is happening in your test case.

Each step in the script has own status symbol, so that you can always see which step is currently running, which steps were finished successfully and which not.

XenoGuard's unique feature IntelliRun allows you to zoom into your test execution. You can "playback" your tests during their execution, and "pause" when you see an error and then go back and find out what was the reason for it.

Data-Driven Testing

With XenoGuard, you can use data tables to variate test parameters. It allows you to cover multiple test cases in one script. Data-driven testing saves you a lot of time and effort.


The logging feature generates for you a complete history of the test execution in a TXT file with all ActionSteps, their execution status, and timestamps indicating when they run and for how long. Having this information, you can better locate errors and explain bugs. 


As we mentioned in one of the previous sections, there are several approaches to test automation that influence your testing scenario and, in the end, your test script. We tried to cover enough different scenarios but we wanted to keep our tool flexible and useful for any testing environment. That's why we focused on essential functionalities but added a possibility to create custom ActionSteps. 

You can program your own ActionSteps in C# language using .NET framework and Microsoft Visual Studio.

Remote Tests

Automated tests may exploit a lot of computing capacity, slowing down your PC. But in some cases, you may be reluctant to use a cloud for testing, due to compliance or other reasons.

XenoGuard allows you to start ActionScripts remotely. You can continue working on your machine while your tests run on the other. 

Among the features described above, ease of use, data-driven testing, and logging belong to the best practices of test automation. Without data tables and log history, you can still perform automated tests but you will have difficulties with analyzing the results, especially, identifying reasons that lead to bugs. 

Transparency, customization, and remote control are unique features available only in XenoGuard. We are proud to offer you this combination of functionalities that magnifies your productivity and accelerates development cycles in your company.

In the next section, we will explain how XenoGuard works; this will help to bridge the current section with the use cases that we prepared.