XenoGuard Documentation

What Is Automation and When You Need It

To use XenoGuard efficiently, you need to understand prerequisites for successful automation. 

Conditions for Automation

Everybody has repetitive tasks that always should be performed in the same order, with the same input, and, quite often, the same frequency. An example of a repetitive workflow is to download an Excel file and save it in a given repository on a daily basis. 

Such tasks are often done using one or more software applications. 

Generally, this kind of task leaves little to no space for creativity and requires attention to detail. The execution is strictly defined; variations are allowed but must be clearly defined, too. They take place on a regular basis. Those three traits:

  • regularity
  • standardized execution
  • predefined variations

are the signs of a good candidate for automation!

Automation Is Rules-Based

Automation replaces manual effort that was previously necessary to complete repetitive tasks. Automation is based on a set of rules and is performed by an application program. The rules describe which tasks must be executed, in which sequence, under which conditions, and how often or after what period of time.