XenoGuard Documentation


This chapter describes all XenoGuard Actions. The Actions are part of the so-called Extensions that XenoGuard loads at program start and displays in the Workspace Explorer. Each Extension offers special Actions for certain topics. Within an Extension, the Actions are organized into groups and subgroups for a better overview. The group names indicate the purpose of use, so that the possible uses can be read off at first glance. For example, the Excel group contains all relevant Actions that access Excel spreadsheets.

Note that all currently available Extensions are described here. For each Action, you will find information about which XenoGuard version you need to use the Action. There are also Extensions that are optional and must be subscribed to in addition in order to use them.

XenoGuard can include the following Extensions:

Extension Description
Programming Extension
Access to identifiers, conditions and loops, action scripts, number and string operations, time, file handling, data, list and dictionary, type conversion and more.
Windows Extension
Access to directories, paths, clipboard and files; hardware devices (keyboard, mouse, camera); media files (images and audio); cryptographic hash functions; network (ping test, FTP, HTTP, TCP, REST, JSON); and operating systems calls (shell, environment, system) and more.
Home Automation Extension
Access to Philips HUE Home Automation (LED bulbs, sensors, bridge).